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OpenInk is an ink API implemented on various platforms, including Java and Objective C/iPhone. It is an efficient replacement for the most common functions of Microsoft's ink API: capture, selection, and rendering, with built-in support for multiscale and renderering/picking in OpenGL (ES-compatible) or Java2D.
OpenInk is architected around a core ink.buffer package that defines the notion of an ink buffer. An ink buffer is a read-only or modifiable sequence of samples that can dynamically switch storage and spatial indexing schemes. The ink buffer was designed to meet the performance and footprint requirements of mobile devices and the scale requirements of desktop applications alike.
Other packages are: ink.render,, ink.jpen_int. Like the ink.buffer package, they were designed to meet tight performance requirements, utilizing appropriate geometric data structures and OpenGL optimizations.
You'll find all our APIs adopt efficient patterns, like visitation, and that our data structures leverage incremental knowledge as much as possible. Also, the OpenInk API gives control to the client. Unlike Microsoft's ink API, OpenInk is not a subsystem. The end result is that experimental code using OpenInk is not hacked together, which is our mark of success.

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